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Every New Land Management Project Starts and Ends with Edwards Land.

Edwards Land continues to be the country’s premier land company specializing in acquisitions and project management. We will maintain this position by placing the highest priority on people first and the community. While holding on to our family roots, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the utmost importance is placed on innovation in order to give our clients the best experience on every project.
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Our Values


We value our clients. Their happiness and satisfaction is our motivation.


We value our people. Creating a transparent and entrepreneurial atmosphere allows our team to build and scale together while nurturing the individual’s personal development goals within the company.


We value our communities. It’s our duty to look out for our land, and the indigenous people in respect to where we work and beyond.


We value innovation. We’re here to move the dial within the industry. Through technological advancements we’re creating an experience for you like none other.

Health, Safety & Environment

Edwards Land is committed to conducting its activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients, visitors, the public, and protect the environment.

All levels of our management are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe workplace with proper procedures, training and equipment to ensure that work activities are performed to the highest level of industry standards and in compliance with government regulations.

Edwards Land is COR certified under the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP).

Meet Our Team

Justin Edwards


Justin has been on the Edwards Land team since 1996 and has actively been an agent of growth and development over the past 25 years. His knowledge and industry expertise are used to train and educate agents and coordinators across the company, creating a shared network of professional knowledge and know-how.

Edwards Land’s President for almost 10 years, Justin is responsible for overseeing the business operations and corporate development, as he and his family have done since the beginning.

I am responsible for crafting the vision of the organization, while also inspiring the team to achieve their goals. With everyone succeeding we’re ultimately supporting our long term mission and vision. I ensure all aspects and individuals within the organization have what is required to execute the mission on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.
I joined the company as an interim land agent in 1996, I am now entering my 25th year with the organization.
After graduating high school I started as an interim land agent. I have attended multiple post secondary institutions to continue my education in software application proficiency, accounting and french studies. I have attended many industry specific courses and seminars over the years and worked at MRU in the Continued Education Faculty. Fortunately throughout my career I have had the opportunity to be mentored by experienced and knowledgeable people that were gracious enough to take me under their wing. I gained most of my land industry knowledge and experience on the job.
I have a farming and ranching background, working on multiple different farming operations, raising livestock, raising various crops and getting an in-depth understanding of large scale irrigation farming. Agriculture plays an intricate part in the land industry, experience in the agriculture industry gave me the foundation I needed to listen, interpret and understand stakeholders impacted by land access requirements.
The ability to share as much experience and knowledge with people along with carrying on a family legacy is the reason I am excited to be a part of Edwards Land daily. Each day presents a new challenge, which I embrace. But most importantly working with our great team, helping to develop individuals and (hopefully, if we’re doing things right) changing their lives/careers for the better.
I have been blessed and cursed with an infinite number of interests and hobbies, most of which have taken a back seat to being a father. I love to spend time with my kids biking, camping, and being outdoors. When I do get an opportunity to pursue my individual interests, I love being active, and playing team sports.
Turning thoughts into real-concepts; Engaging and Leading People; Helping People pursue their Dreams; Helping people in Need.
My mind is filled with wonderful memories from my time here at Edwards Land, my favorite would have to be the collective memories celebrating the success of the team. Over the years we have rejoiced in many forms, from Christmas parties to our Calgary Stampede party Sequins & Spurs. Celebrating the team are all my favorite memories.

Jacquie Farquhar

VP, Mineral & Contracts
Jaquie Farquhar has over 25 years land experience, having worked Alberta, Oil Sands, BC, East Coast and Saskatchewan resources. She is an expert in tenure land management with an overarching skill-set diversity in land acquisition, divestitures, contracts, surface land, joint venture and negotiations of mineral rights and associated assets. Jacquie is experienced at managing special projects: acquisitions, land retention, business development, and land and commercial development opportunities for company growth.

My role is to ensure our clients are set for success and have their lands actively managed rather than simply administered. Our full boutique land management services can assist with strategy, deal negotiations, mineral lease acquisitions, contracts, A&D support from due diligence to post-closing ancilliary documents.

I joined Edwards Land in October 2021.
I attended MRU petroleum land program after graduating from high school and have been working in industry for 25+ years. I have complimented my industry learnings through many educational courses at a variety of institutions, such as CAPL, SEPAC, PJVA and other energy institutions.
My past work experience at large and small producer companies has led me to work on assets in Alberta, Oil Sands, BC, East Coast and Saskatchewan, engaging with all of these provincial government and regulatory bodies. This Land Management experience on many special land projects has broadened my overarching skillset and diversity in areas of land retention, M&A, contracts, negotiations, surface land, joint venture, business and commercial development opportunities for company growth. My experience with the CAPL board of directors in Business Development role through 2018-2022 has allowed me to work closely and collaborate with CAPP, Alberta and BC governments to influence and make changes to compliment industry tenure needs and requirements.
The environment in which we work is very unique and inviting, making collaboration and idea sharing on all projects free flowing. Please come by any time for a visit and meet the gang.
I enjoy outdoor activities such as golfing, biking, skiing and gardening. I also take pleasure in cooking and entertaining friends and family! Travel is always at the top of my list when opportunities present themselves.
I take pleasure in meeting and engaging with people, whether it’s with industry peers, friends or family. Design and architecture are hobbies, creating comfortable home and garden spaces. Music is a big part of who I am and I also volunteer at the National Music Centre.
The team – office environment makes every day a good one!

Adam Spackman

Manager, Surface Land Operations

Adam is a Manager at our Lethbridge office and has been working with Edwards Land for 9+ years. Adam attended Olds College where he received his Land Agent Licensing Diploma. From there, Adam continued with industry-specific education through the International Right of Way Association – he hopes to secure his SR/WA designation by 2022!

With over 11 years of surface land experience from land agent, to project coordinator to manager, Adam knows the ins and outs of the industry. Upstream oil and gas development and municipal infrastructure and planning are just a few industries Adam has become an expert in.

Manager, Lethbridge Office
I have been working with Edwards Land for 9 years, joining the group in February 2012.
Olds College – Land Agent Licensing Diploma (2 year). Continuing industry specific education through the International Right of Way Association with the intent of securing my SR/WA designation by 2022.
I have worked in Surface Land for 11 years as a licensed Land Agent, Project Coordinator, and Manager. My work during that time has focused on a mix of upstream oil and gas development and municipal infrastructure and planning.
The landscape of the projects that we work on each day/week/ month is ever evolving which keeps everyone in the office sharp and engaged. We do not work in an environment where we are pigeon holed in to one very specialized task or project type, we have an incredibly diverse working portfolio and have a team built up who can all work on any given task or project with the same expertize as any of their colleagues. Working on everything from traditional oil and gas exploration to municipal flood mitigation and management to regional planning
Outside of the office walls I take pride and enjoyment in being as physically active as possible. Engaging in many recreational sports and activities is a great way to stay fresh and mentally recharge. We also have two young kids at home who are beginning to take interest in sport. Seeing their continued growth and interest in physical activity and sport, and being able to share in those experiences with them, is what brings me the most amount of happiness.
Health and well-being is something that has become a passion of mine over the past 5 years. Previously I did not have an in-depth understanding of overall health, well-being and nutrition. It turned into something that I dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into learning about and increasing my knowledge and understanding of. Since then my family and I have made a conscious effort to be aware of our overall Health with a primary focus on Nutrition. I am very proud of the growth we have made as a family.
My favourite memory of working with Edwards Land would be my first day of employment. There was no significant event that happened during that particular day, but it is what that first day represented to me that makes it my favourite memory. Lethbridge Has always been home for my wife and I. Most of our extended families live in Southern Alberta and this was always where we wanted to live to raise our family. Having the opportunity to join the Edwards Land team made this a reality and we were able to make the transition to move back to Southern Alberta.

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