Land Administration Outsourcing


A team of first class candidates is an essential component in providing strong Land Administration support that can consistently meet or exceed your company’s demanding goals and targets.  Edwards Land understands the challenges of recruiting not only the most talented professionals, but also in finding a fit for your unique team.

The ELS Land Administration team is comprised of 16 Administrators who have all benefited from a comprehensive training program which encompasses all facets of surface land from our internal policies and procedures, industry standards and regulations, to our leading edge IT systems and land management database. Our corporate structure models an in-house client team with a Coordinator role, Land Administrators and Field Land Agents.  All of our Administrators draw support and knowledge from focused, accountable leadership, industry-current tools, diversity in their backgrounds and project exposure throughout many sectors within the energy industry.  We have Land staff that can undertake activities in all of the major components of Land Administration:

*Land Acquisition
*Acquisition and Divesture 
*Post Acquisition Land Maintenance
*Third Party Programs

Some of the specific activities that our land administration team can assume are:

Regardless of the experience level you request, all members of the Edwards Land Administration Team are trained with the following expectations in mind:

  1. Quality Service:  High quality Surface Land Administration, accuracy and detail are key
  2. Project Management:  Organization, management of priorities, exceed client driven timelines
  3. Communication:  Responsive, teamwork, foster strong relationships


What We Do