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Full service land management

Our Services

Our team is a group of skilled professionals who bring experience and expertise to all areas of land acquisition and management. 


Mineral land

Full in-house boutique Mineral & Contracts service offering to suit each company’s individual needs. Strategies in these land acquisitions are key and competitive. Allow our team to guide and ensure you’re properly represented during these negotiations.

    • Multi province services AB, BC, SK & MB. 
    • Mineral Crown and Freehold Lease acquisitions
    • Land Sale Crown bids & provide publications/offerings, including use of two company names, ensuring your bids will be kept absolutely confidential
    • Transfer of leases and licenses upon conclusion of a successful bid
    • Payment of rentals and any other applicable fees when necessary
    • Administration of all mineral files, including in-house representation, reporting and land system updates.
    • Merger and Acquisitions, including due diligence, title review and preparation of ancillary documents from pre to post-closing.
    • All Contractual needs, negotiations and preparation of contracts of all land arrangements.
    • Caveats – withdraw and discharge, transfers and land search.

Surface Land

Our Surface Land division specializes in both private and public freehold leasings and provides comprehensive freehold land management services. This includes everything from the application process through to managing compensation reviews. You can also depend on Edwards Land to successfully navigate crown land acquisitions and manage all administrative affairs in a professional and fully compliant manner.

  • Oil & natural gas leases
  • Pipeline right of ways
  • Rental reviews
  • Large scale transmission lines
  • Damage settlements
  • Contract land administration
  • Utility right of ways (water, power & telecommunications)
  • Wind energy
  • Roadways
  • Crown access

We are here to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and businesses by cultivating partnerships based on mutual trust, respect, and open communication.

Our Indigenous Relations services work to engage and understand the needs and concerns of Indigenous stakeholders and encourage cohesion, collaboration, and communication between respective parties.

GIS & Land Mapping

Edwards Land offers a variety of GIS and Land Mapping options for your project.

Our highly skilled GIS department ensures every product is of the highest quality.  Ultimately, saving you time and money for acquisitions, notification projects, and many other applications.

    • Basic Routing Maps 
    • First Nation Consultation Maps
    • Consultation (licensing) Radius Maps
    • Emergency Planning Zone Radius Mapping
    • Access Mapping
    • Crossing Plans 
    • Composite Maps
    • Detailed Analytics
External Relations
Rest assured that your business’ reputation and image are being represented positively within the community by utilizing Edward Land’s External Relation services.
  • Townhall meetings
  • First Nation consultations
  • Urban & rural development consultation programs
  • AER notification (D-56, D-60, D-35)
  • Accurate tracking database
  • Down spacing and holding applications
Land & Property Rights Tribunal Representation

Land and property rights tribunal representation is complex and also one of Edwards Lands’ strongest service offerings. Without the help of our licensed professionals you may experience major delays on your project. 

Edwards Land will take the time to educate your team on Land and property rights tribunal representation in order to guide them through the remainder of the project with ease and confidence. 

  • Surface Rights Seminars
  • Surface Rights Process
  • Education and Presentations
  • Right of Entry Applications
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Hearing Preparation
  • Hearing Presentation/Representation

Project Management

Ensure your project is done efficiently, accurately and with precision. Be informed with real-time updates and consistent open lines of communication. We combine our industry experience with innovative technology, and our exceptional Project Management services to successfully complete your project. Our clients are provided with a specialty team of Edwards Lands’ best agents, administrators, and coordinators all invested and focused on your project’s success.

Since 2018 Edwards Land has become Shell Canada’s main service provider for Surface Land services. I have personally utilized their Land and GIS services in all facets of the Oil & Gas Industry from Reclamation & Abandonment through Upstream and Downstream projects, and a few Renewable projects as well. The team at Edwards is very knowledgeable about the regulatory requirements in Western Canada, and Edwards has ensured these requirements are met in a timely manner. The projects that Edwards are involved in are consistently delivered in the given timeframe and within budget, which provides Shell with a high degree of certainty on the access to land for our projects. The recent addition of GIS and mapping services has streamlined processes and drastically reduced timelines. The clear and concise mapping ensures all third party infrastructure is identified, so there are no surprises in requests, approvals or construction. This service is utilized by numerous internal teams at Shell and has been highly effective from project planning through to access and project execution.
Rob Pettifer - SHELL CANADA
Senior Surface Landman

Common Questions in Land Management


All levels of our management are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe workplace with proper procedures, training and equipment to ensure that work activities are performed to the highest level of industry standards and in compliance with government regulations.

Edwards Land is COR certified under the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP). Additionally, we operate our own fleet of trucks for field visits and monitor all assets 24/7 to ensure our field agents are safe and operating in a safe manner. This is done through GPS data collection.

Yes! Our team can handle a variety of different types of notification projects from Directive 6 to Directive 60, and all public consultation projects.
Yes we do! For more information on our indigenous consultations, please contact us.
Our work is typically done through a Master Service Agreements (MSA). Edwards Land does have a general MSA, or we are able to work through a clients MSA.
Yes, our team has vast experience with cities, towns, counties and Alberta transportation projects.
Yes, Edwards Land has represented clients in numerous surface rights board meetings, and have been expert witnesses at a number of court of queen's bench hearings.


You can email us at info@edwardsland.ca or give us a call 1-800-999 -5039.

Yes! We are always open to working with new clients. Please send us an email at info@edwardsland.ca for more information.

The areas listed on our website are our office locations. We do work in additional areas outside these. Please email us at info@edwardsland.ca to find out if we work in your area!

For project costs, please email;


Calgary: Justin Edwards - President



Lethbridge: Adam Spackman - Manager



The AER is a one-stop shop for regulatory approvals. They are responsible for regulating infrastructure, including pipelines, wells, processing plants and facilities, in situ projects, bitumen, oil sands mines, and coal mines. For more information on the AER visit aer.ca

When we refer to ‘stakeholders’ we are talking about each individual and organization that is actively involved in a project. These stakeholders interests may positively or negatively be affected due to the execution and result of the project.
Not at this time. We greatly value our employees, they are a vital part of the quality work we provide.

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