Project Coordination

When it comes to a project, large or small, Edwards Land makes it a priority to understand our client’s objectives and challenges and execute accordingly. We are a professional and agile service provider who understands the need to adapt to the changing needs of our clients and our governing bodies. Open lines of communication between clients and our staff means that any modifications or adjustments to a project will go smoothly. It is our job to make your job easier.

Edwards Land believes in the strength and merit of a solid team concept, with each client being assigned a team consisting of a senior project coordinator, an experienced land administration team lead, a licensed land agent familiar with the designated area, and additional land administrators. This provides accountability that ensures all work is done with accuracy and efficiency and a single point of contact.

We also utilize land acquisition project management software that provides our project teams with the ability to efficiently and accurately manage land information. This technology allows our teams to track the status and progress of all activities on a given project including project notifications, compliance and non-objections, survey authorizations, land acquisitions, issue management, compensation summaries and damage settlements. In addition, reports for each of the above noted activities can be generated and provided to project team members (via PDF files) for real time information. The use of this technology results in efficient project management, keeping costs in line and timelines on track.


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