Alberta Surface Rights Board Representation

Surface Rights Board representation is one of the most complex facets of Surface Rights.  It is a detailed process that takes in-depth knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate.  We at Edwards Land have been working closely with the Surface Rights Board for over 20 years.  We have represented a variety of clientele with many diverse cases.  We feel this is one of our strongest and most appealing assets within our Surface Land portfolio.  We have a rich history of success at the Surface Rights Board, from the Right of Entry Application to Surface Rights Hearing representation and presentation.

Surface Rights groups play an intricate part in the timing of surface access in Western Canada.  There are an escalating number of landowners and landowners with representation questioning the practices of industrial development by oil and gas companies; power companies; pipeline companies; etc.  Edwards Land has extensive experience interacting with landowners and landowner representatives to resolve surface access issues.  The Surface Rights Board of Alberta has a highly developed process to bring parties together to resolve compensation issues through mediation or a hearing if required.   

Surface Rights is a very intimidating process for most, and should not be taken lightly as it can have tremendous impacts on project timing, in turn placing pressure on your operations. We at Edwards Land also offer Surface Rights Process Education; we will walk your team through the process to bring them up to speed on current issues and changes at the Board.  We will educate your team on the overall process of Surface Rights or breakdown specific areas to bring clarity and understanding.

Edwards Land has the experienced team to handle all of your Surface Right’s needs.

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