Surface Land Acquisition & Leasing

At Edwards Land, our expertise extends to both private and public land. Our freehold services range from the initial downspacing/holding application through to managing compensation reviews -- and everything in between. We take pride in facilitating agreements that are fair and equitable for all parties involved and develop relationships with stakeholders that foster trust in Edwards Land, and in turn, trust in our clients.

We are keenly in tune with landowner relations and negotiations and believe in conducting the most efficient series of negotiations for our clients. Edwards Land carefully conducts our negotiations to be efficient for our client, and fair to the landowner. We offer comprehensive freehold land management services and set the industry standard for quality and accuracy.

Additionally, Edwards Land has the knowledge and experience to successfully acquire access to crown owned land. Our professional team of Licensed Land Agents, Land Administrators, and Project Coordinators will ensure that every aspect of crown acquisition and administration is attended to in a professional and fully compliant manner.

Our expertise has covered virtually all areas of land acquisition throughout the nearly 30 year history of Edwards Land. We have skilled professionals in the areas of:

  • oil & natural gas leases
  • pipeline right of ways
  • rental reviews
  • large scale transmission lines
  • damage settlements
  • contract land administration
  • utility right of ways (water, power & telecommunications)
  • wind energy
  • roadways
  • crown access


What We Do