Edwards Land was founded by Darcy & Pam Edwards in 1981 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. The operation and the industry were substantially different in the 80’s.  The files contained a minimal amount of paperwork and the business operated with a minimum amount of staff.  In those days computers and cell phones were nonexistent and all documents were prepared on carbon paper via typewriter.  Technology in the industry was very archaic by today’s standards.  When a Land Agent went to the field to acquire an agreement the next contact made with him was upon his return to the office with a signed agreement. Meetings with the landowner’s right to a 48 hour period were exercised once in approximately 200 agreements. Times were much simpler.

Edwards Land relocated to Lethbridge in 1991.  With that move, Edwards Land moved into a new era of land acquisition.  Computers, fax machines, and photocopiers were added to the office to keep up with the industry’s constantly increasing demands. The volumes of paper increased dramatically throughout the early 90’s.  Regulatory processes continually changed in complexity. Consequently, Edwards Land began adding more and more professional staff members to our organization to facilitate the growing demand.

Edwards Land deemed it necessary to continue its growth into the Calgary market by adding a field office in 2002 and expanding Edwards Land Calgary to a full service office in 2003 to handle the increasing clientele.

In January, 2011 Edwards Land founders Darcy and Pam Edwards stepped down from the respective roles of President and Secretary/Treasurer after 30 years. A new ownership group purchased the company and continue to build upon the successful foundation built by Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.

Edwards Land continues to improve the sophistication of its operations by improving equipment and processes, although this is all for not if you don’t have the best people to drive those very things.  Edwards Land has a great history, with a great deal of effort and sacrifice to its credit, presently it is up to us to ensure a great future! 


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